Manley deBoer provides a variety of concrete, mortar mixes, and pool finishing products to fit all of your project needs in Key West and The Florida Keys.

Manley deBoer offers QUIKRETE® products to Key West and The Florida Key customers which have over 200 building, home improvement and repair products designed for contractors and industry professionals, and trusted by America’s homeowners.

Line of products include: Concrete and Mortar Mixes, Concrete Repair Products; Stucco, Waterproofing, Tile Setting and Blacktop Products; Floor Underlayments; Sand and Aggregates; Polyurethane Sealants and Adhesives; Concrete Coatings, Paints and Epoxy; and other seasonal items.

Interior Plaster

Woncote Plaster Products

Woncote Smooth is a one-coat interior finish plaster designed for use over veneer gypsum base boards, masonry block, or concrete surfaces. Woncote offers a hard, white, abrasion-resistant surface. Packaged in 50 pound bags, this product is designed for smooth trowelled finishes and textures. Coverage is 115 – 135 square foot per bag.

Woncote Sanded® is identical in composition to Woncote Smooth, but is designed with sand for float finishes. It is packaged in 70 pound bags and provides a white, abrasion-resistant finish. Coverage is 115 – 135 square foot per bag.

Exterior Stucco Products


High quality, factory-prepared exterior stucco finish containing Portland cement and marble aggregate with non-fading pigments to provide a long lasting finish. Marbletite can be trowelled, floated or spray applied. Custom color matching is available.


Quality-controlled, pre-mixed, Portland cement and selected aggregate composition using non-fading pigments and other chemical combinations. Marblecrete is normally applied with a trowel for trowel texture. Custom color matching is available.


Cement paint coating designed for exterior or interior exposed masonry and concrete surfaces. Packaged as a dry powder to be combined with water, Cemcote is fast-setting, economical and resists moisture.

Pool Finishes

Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes

Marquis is a factory blended mixture of polymer modified cement, quartz aggregates and various admixes specifically designed for the interior of swimming pools.

*Custom colors also available- minimum quantities required.

  • Durability for long term performance
  • Slip resistant for safety
  • Ease of maintenance

Sparkling Pool Finishes

Marquis Magic is a factory blended mixture of polymer modified cement, quartz aggregates and various admixes with added crystals that make pools shimmer. Sparkling Pool Finishes Color Options

*Custom colors also available- minimum quantities required.

  • Smooth Finish
  • Durability for long term performance
  • Slip resistant for safety
  • Ease of maintenance

Small Pebble Pool Finishes

Freestone is a factory blended mixture of white cement, naturally tumbled small pebbles and various admixes specifically designed for the interior of swimming pools.

*Custom colors also available- minimum quantities required.

  • Natural beauty provided by nature’s polishing process
  • Ease of application and maintenance
  • A non-abrasive surface

Multi-Color Polished Glass Pool Finishes

HydroGlass is a base mix program of factory blended polymer
modified cement, multi-color polished glass and various
admixes specifically designed for the interior of swimming

*Custom colors also available minimum quantities required.

  • Finished polished surface is extra smooth
  • Application time is half of standard glass bead effect finishes

    Molds & Mosaics

    • Create original mosaics at a fraction of the price of traditional pre-fabricated mosaics
    • Pro Kits have multiple use molds to customize each mosaic per customer preferences
    • DIY Kits available with one time use mold Mosaics can also be used for:
    • Countertops, Stepping Stones, Garden PathsKit includes:
      • White Mosaic Base Mix (5 lb.)
      • White Thinset (1 lb.)
      • Blue Glass Chips (6 oz.)
      • Green Glass Chips (4 oz.)
      • Brown Glass Chips (3 oz.)

    Specialty Aggregate chip mixes available, including MoonGemsTM Glow-in-the-Dark Aggregates.

      Glow-in-the-Dark Aggregates

      MoonGemsTM are aggregates that glow-in-the-dark and are charged by the sun and/or UV lights.

          • In optimum lighting conditions, glow can last for up to 15 hours
          • Best performance with UV pool lights
          • Effortlessly added to any pool finish, mosaic mold or decorative structures like steps and tile borders

      Color Solutions

      This easy-to-use water-soluble powder pigment is a mineral based formula of inorganic cobalt that brings brilliant color as well as durability and strength to any pool finish.

      Liquid Resin & Dry Mix

      PMM Bond-Tite is a two component factory blended mixture of liquid resin and modified cement, aggregates and various admixtures – specifically designed as a bond or scratch coat to bond pool plaster over existing plaster finishes. The complete Bond-Tite System consists of two 65 lb. bags of Bond-Tite Dry Mix and one 5 gallon container of Bond-Tite Liquid Resin to be mixed at the job site.

          • 2 Component System
          • Superior bonding with most cementitious surfaces
          • Superior elongation that allows for minor movements of substrates
          • When renovating pool, Bond-Tite gives max protection delamination

      Plaster Hardener

      PMM Hard Kote is a factory blended mixture of liquid amorphous micro silica and proprietary additives producing a solution that penetrates and densifies existing or freshly set Portland cement-based products such as PMM Plaster, concrete, stucco or swimming pool coatings.

      • Reduces or eliminates efflorescence• Enhances color
      • Reduces “plaster dust” in swimming pools
      • Increases abrasion resistance
      • Reduces surface porosity
      • Safe and non-toxic

        DECKorative Concrete Finishes

        A unique and durable 100% acrylic surface coating that can be used to protect and decorate cementitious patios, swimming pool decks, and walkways. It can be applied to new or existing cementitious surfaces as a stand-alone application or used over the DECKrete or DECKtex systems to form a tough, long lasting colorful finish. DECKote can be applied by brush, roller or as a spray application. With 12 designer colors to choose from, you are sure to find just the right accent to compliment your landscape.

        Thinsets & Grouts

        Elastiment products are used for the setting and finish materials for tile, stone, and porcelain.

        • Submersible porcelain/glass tile thinset sanded and non-sanded
        • 32 designer grout colors available

          Concrete Manufacturers

          Manley deBoer offers a wide range of residential, commercial, roof and wall insulation products. HVAC, mechanical and OEM insulation along with insulation roofing systems with the right products to protect you from The florida Keys elements. Give us a call, we can assess your needs and match you with the right product for your project. Or browse some of our preferred vendors below to jump-start your due diligence.

          Established in 1955 and operating two manufacturing plants in Florida, we are the oldest manufacturer of stucco, plaster pool and roof tile adhesive products in the Southeastern United States. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Pompano Beach and Winter Springs, Florida; and, coming soon to Texas. These locations are geographically positioned to allow us to efficiently produce and serve a broad product mix to our customers throughout the United States. PMM remains focused on developing and marketing products that provide the best value. Keeping advanced installation compliance practices in mind, we strive to produce maintenance free, user and environmentally friendly products.

          QUIKRETE® Companies is the largest manufacturer of packaged concrete and cement mixes in North America, and an innovative leader in the building and home improvement industries. In addition, QUIKRETE® offers related products through numerous wholly-owned subsidiaries including Spec Mix®, Keystone® Hardscapes, Custom Building Products®, Contech®, Rinker Materials, Target Technologies®, Daubois® and QPR®.