Manley deBoer Lumber Company is a prestige roofing supplier of The Florida Keys & Key West who offers waterproofing materials, flashing, air barriers, underlayments, and metal panels for homeowners and roofing contractors.

Waterproofing Products For Roofs

Structural waterproofing is the combination of materials used to prevent water intrusion into the structural elements of a building or its finished spaces. Its main purpose is to resist hydrostatic pressure exerted by moisture in the liquid state. Waterproofing membranes consist of waterproof plastic, rubber, or coated-fabric materials. The materials are used in a system to prevent the ingress of water into foundations, roofs, walls, basements, buildings, and structures when properly installed.

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NX Seal® is a self-adhering 40 mil waterproofing membrane for use under siding, stucco, exterior plaster and as a through-wall flashing.

SubSeal-40™ is a self-adhering 40 mil waterproofing membrane designed for extreme moisture protection in above and below grade horizontal or vertical applications.

SubSeal-60™ is a self-adhering 60 mil waterproofing membrane designed for extreme moisture protection in above and below grade horizontal or vertical applications.

Roofing Underlayments

Roofing underlayment is a water-resistant or waterproof barrier material that is installed directly onto your roof deck. It is applied under all other roofing materials as an added layer of protection from severe weather.

Featured below are just some of the underlayment materials we carry for our customers;

IB-3™ IceBuster is a self-adhering 50 mil granule surface underlayment that prevents damage from ice build-up and wind-driven rain under shingles and other roofing materials.

IB-3™ StormStopper is a self-adhering 50 mil granule surface underlayment that has a sealing edge for full-roof protection from ice build-up and wind-driven rain.

IB-4™ StormStopper is a self-adhering 60 mil mineral surface underlayment which has a sealing edge to protect from leaks due to wind-driven rain or roof failure.

ShingleStarter™ is a self-adhesive 50 mil membrane that eliminates the need to cut shingle tabs. ShingleStarter™ comes with a seal strip to prevent wind uplift at the roof edge.

IB-3 ShingleStarter™ is a self-adhering, 50 mil granule surface starter course for asphalt shingle roofs. Also prevents damage from ice build-up and wind-driven rain.

StormStopper™ FSU is a 45 mil, textured polymer surface underlayment for use under asphalt shingles to protect from leaks due to ice dams, melting snow and wind-driven rain.

Black Wind & Water Seal™ is a self-adhering 55 mil granule surface underlayment with an adhesive selvedge edge for full roof protection from ice-build up and wind-driven rain.

MFM Wind & Water Seal™ is a self-adhering 40 mil underlayment for use under metal, shingles or tile that has a cool white/gray textured polymer surface. High temperature rated adhesive.

Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™ is a 45 mil self-adhering waterproofing underlayment composed of a white, non-slip, cross-laminated polymer film, laminated to a high temperature rubberized asphalt adhesive.

Drip-Shield Metal Roofing Panels

When variations between outdoor and indoor temperatures cause condensation to form on the interior of a metal roof, control this moisture to protect your valuable assets. Whether livestock, vehicle, machinery, equipment or other material inventory, trust Drip-Shield to shelter your building and provide a highly durable and efficient solution.

Drip-Shield provides a medium to trap and hold the condensation until conditions reach above dew point again and release moisture back into the air as normal humidity.

As a highly effective condensation control solution, Drip-Shield is suitable for agricultural buildings, livestock containment, self storage facilities, covered vehicle storage areas and stack houses.



Metal Roof & Wall Panels for Any Application

Manley deBoer Lumber Company offers a wide variety of metal roofing & wall panels for commercial, municipal and residential structures. Exposed Fastened, Conceleased Fastened, Low Profile Panels, Multi-Rib Panels, PBR Panels, Standing Seam Panels, 5V Panels & More.

In addition to an array of flashing profiles available to best fit your roofing project.

Roofing Manufacturers

GCP is focused on a steadily growing global construction industry. Through our Blue360sm Advantage we help customers solve some of the most complex construction challenges in residential and commercial building, infrastructure and underground construction.

To serve the needs of a fast growing rural America, Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation was founded in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1963 with just a single manufacturing plant. By 1966, Metal Sales was delivering rural builders with custom cut and ready-to-install metal roofing and siding panels with matching accessories within 7 to 10 days.

Since 1961, MFM Building Products has been a manufacturer of an entire “envelope” of weather barrier products and accessory products for the construction industry. Our exterior, self-adhering waterproofing membranes can provide solutions from the rooftop to the foundation. MFM products are available nationwide through an extensive network of building product distributors, specialty building supply houses, lumberyards, and many more.